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Our professional tradesmen at UK Roofing Services treat, seal and protect your roof with our 10 year guaranteed European accredited acrylic roof coating. It will not only lengthen the lifespan of your tiles and improve its appearance for years, but will also add value to your property and save you up to 25% heat loss – helping the environment too.

Before roof coating

After roof coating

  • Do you have a roof over 20 years old?
    (Roof tiles have a finite life span)
  • Do you have concrete or clay tiles?
  • Do you have moss or lichen on your roof?

Yes… then you need the UK Roof renovation and total waterproofing system!

You will also make substantial savings over the cost of a new roof, it looks great, and offers significantly increased protection against the elements.

Your original roof tiles will have been weather beaten, penetrated by algae, coated in moss and attacked by frost within a short length of time. Weathered tiles not only have a bad appearance but are not protecting your house structure from rain, frost and other elements.

The wear and tear of a roof is down to how much acid rain, frost and heat it has been subjected to.
Now could be the time to get your roof coated; it’s the best and most cost effective alternative to having it re-tiled after the damage has been done.

Our process explained…

  • Full roof survey
    • Our experienced staff will carefully survey your roof
    • A detailed report on the size, condition and work required will be provided
  • Preparation
    • We cover and protect all non-treated areas with tarpaulins and matting
    • We then power clean your roof with a fungicidal wash – removing all moss and pollutants
  • Repair
    • We replace missing and broken tiles, repair hips, ridges, valleys and verges
  • Apply roof coating
    • The special UK Roofing Services is applied evenly in your chosen tile colour
    • All edges are coated by hand for a perfect finish
  • Before we go
    • Clean up
    • The team will remove all waste using skips
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
    • We’re so confident in our products and process we guarantee it for 10 years

Benefits to you…

  • Adds value to your property
  • Cleans roof tiles removing dirt, moss and lichen
  • Replaces broken tiles and includes re-pointing
  • Anti fungicide to eliminate further moss and lichen growth
  • 2 coats of our unique therma product that is totally waterproof but allows the roof to breathe
  • Saves up to 25% heat loss from you roof tiles

Choose your colour…

Five colour choices to best match your existing fascia and windows, giving your property that personal touch…

We use only the best products…

Insurance and Guarantee

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