Fibrocem Silicone KR Render

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Fibrocem Silicone KR 1.5mm is a silicone-based, ready to use, through coloured, decorative thin coat finish render that is highly weather resistant and vapour permeable.

Pliolite Masonry Paint Colours

Ideally suited to external insulation systems and direct applied render to a carrier board and also as part of a render to masonry system. Using high performance silicon resin technology, this highly water repellent formulation provides excellent facade protection; highly vapour permeable weather resistant and is UV stable.

Silicone resin renders offer better weather protection than any other modern render. This is because they combine the useful properties of mineral renders with those of silicone, polymer resin renders.

Where can it be used?

  • New build
  • Residential
  • High rise flats
  • Commercial
  • Public building
  • Social housing refurbishment


Fibrocem Silicone KR 1.5mm can be used as part of the following:

  • External Insulation Systems
  • Render applied direct to a render carrier board system
  • Render applied to a masonry substrate system

Weather warning

The follwing adverse weather conditions could cause a delay in application:

  • If frost is forecast within 24 hours of use
  • In damp/wet conditions
  • In temperatures below 5°c or above 30°c
  • On elevations in direct sunlight or where the substrate is hot

You will be kept informed of any changes or delays to the work schedule by our admistration team

Guarantees and accreditations

System features & benefits

  • Water repellant
  • Silicone resin technology
  • Excellent workability
  • Ready mixed
  • Resistant to UV
  • Factory produced quality controlled


  • All surfaces will be made sound, clean, dry and free of any material which may impair adhesion
  • We will ensure that all surfaces are free from algae, lichen and other growths and grease
  • Scaffolding will be errected
  • Fibrocem Silicone Primer will be applied before application
  • Any structure faults rectified
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