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Re-roof and Flat Roofs

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Due to increased customer demand, UK Roofing Services are fitting more EPDM rubber as a modern solution for a leaking flat roof. It is the best answer to replace or renovate old worn out roofing materials. The all-cold process ensures quick fitting, therefore reducing costs, as no flat roofing specialist tools are required.

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Flat roof felt, asphalt and bitumen have a limited life span due to rapid deterioration caused by varied weather conditions. Our new rubber membrane solution will prevent the need for continually re-felting problem areas and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Our Replacement Process…


  • We will assess and measure your roof


  • We supply all access equipment


  • The membrane is positioned on the substrate
  • We then apply Rubbercover bonding adhesive to the underside of the folded membrane and to the substrate to be covered
  • The surfaces are left to dry

Before we go

  • Clean up
  • The team will remove all debris

Customer satisfaction guarantee

  • We’re so confident in our process that all our work is fully insured and guaranteed

Flat roof liquid coating

  • Hypertectum ®
    • Hypertectum ® is a seamless liquid roof coating without fibre or plastic reinforcing mesh. It allows for a smooth transition between dormer windows, open borders and other areas due to its excellent adhesion properties.
  • Benefits to you…
    • One component system
    • No seams, welds and combinations with other materials needed
    • Fully waterproof and watertight
    • Resistant to temperatures of -40°C to 80°C and has a peak of 200°C
    • High tensile strength
    • High elasticity
    • High tear resistance
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Water vapour transmission
    • Contains no bitumen
    • Contains no solvents
  • The Hypertectum liquid coating is ideal for:
    • Renovation of existing roofs
    • Solving leaks
    • Complex roofs
    • Roof gardens

We use only the best products…

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Insurance and Guarantee

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