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Tiled Roof

It is important to keep up maintenance of your home, especially when the cold or damp weather sets in, however some areas are best left to the professionals. For areas like roofing, you would be better off by contacting a ...

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Roof Repairs

UK Roofing Services performs roof repairs, roof coatings, damp solutions, and more to both domestic and commercial property throughout the whole of the UK. That means if you’re looking for Bingley roof coating, Keighley roof repairs, or Wales ...

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After Roof Coating

When carrying out home improvement in your property, exteriors improvements can sometimes be overlooked. For example, how long ago was it that you checked your roof for damage? Over time, due to being exposed to the elements, such as rain and ...

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Flat Roof

The Green Deal scheme is to be launched this October, providing access for energy efficient home improvements for property owners in the UK, and all at no upfront cost. Instead, the loan is repaid via small additional costs which are ...

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Damp Solutions

Penetrating damp can be caused by leaking or cracked gutters and downpipes. It may also be caused if there are issues around the roof, particularly the roof pointing (the gap between the tiles), the flashing (where the roof meets the ...

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Commercial roofing can have many different and bigger problems then residential roofs. Even if your building is not used for commercial use, it can be classed as commercial due to the size of the roof and the type of work ...

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Every house could use a little repair now and again, and checking for problems with your roof can be very beneficial for the future. Problems with your roof can cause more problems to your roof and home than you think. Common ...

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Mono-render,Rendering,Wall Coating

A quick fix without addressing the root of the problem is likely to cost you more over the long term. You spend the money to get it re-painted and then in a year or two years time you’ll need it ...

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UK Roofing Services are starting up a news / blog section on this site to keep our customers updated on the latest products we are working with (and recommending) and any new roofing services which we are adding to out ...

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