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Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing can have many different and bigger problems then residential roofs. Even if your building is not used for commercial use, it can be classed as commercial due to the size of the roof and the type of work that will need doing to it.Commercial roofing can include buildings from churches to schools.

Weather is tile damages due to weather damage, so whether damp proofing or a whole roof repair is needed, no job is too large. Any type of damage to your businesses roof can cause significant implications so if you spot a leak, crack or like any residential buildings a build up of moss or weather damage can affect your roof so don’t hesitate to get it seen to. At UK Roofing Services, we pride ourselves in supplying the highest standard of products complimented by our expert installations. We work closely with client and take the time to listen to their needs and specifications, as there is now many different roofing materials and designs available, and as each job is different we have to make sure they are 100% satisfied with the end results.

Commercial buildings can be thousands of square metres, and that’s a lot of roofing to take care of and keep dry, but any building and any roof can be subject to a little damage here and there. If your business is in an old building there could be a chance you will need some repair doing; no matter what size your building it still needs proper maintenance.

With big commercial buildings such as schools there is a chance you roof has been neglected and that there is a lack of maintenance. If your building’s roof has been over looked and forgotten about then it’s about time you had a check to see if you notice any damage, as the longer you leave it the worse the condition will get, and with the frost and winds this winter old roofs are very venerable to bad conditions. Tiles could have been blown off and the frost will get between the tiles and cause them to crack. With constant exposure to weather damage it can cause serious health and safety issues for your staff and customers.

Making sure that your roof has been put up effectively can be hard to judge, so if your building has a flat roof you need to make sure that there is no standing water as this could break through the roof and cause water damage. No roof should be completely flat, they may appear flat but the roof should be slightly sloped so rain water can run off and in to the guttering. If your roof is old, it may have been poorly installed and will likely cause serious ongoing problems.

Having your roof repaired will make substantial savings over the cost of a new roof and can raise the value of your building when it comes to selling it. Now could be the time you made a difference to your building. Contact UK Roofing Services for roof repairs, new roof or damp solutions.

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