Wall Coating

A quick fix without addressing the root of the problem is likely to cost you more over the long term. You spend the money to get it re-painted and then in a year or two years time you’ll need it re doing again as the damp will continue to come through and ruin your home.

If your walls are suffering from damp and damage it’s worthwhile to get your walls re-coated and it could be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Having your walls coated will benefit you massively. Not only will it add value to your property, your walls will be water repellent and highly water resistant so damp will no longer be a problem. And if you’re one who doesn’t want to have to go out and clean your walls you will no longer have to as they are self cleaning and will be resistant to atmospheric pollution. We guarantee long term protection.

At UK Roofing our Therma exterior coatings have a guarantee of 15 years, resin based, protective wall coating that will completely rejuvenate your home’s exterior, regardless of surface or condition.

There’ll be no more cracking, no more flaking, peeling, no more damp and no colour loss!

Choosing a wall coating for your home

Before applying any coating our expert team at UK Roofing will clean, repair, and weatherproof your property.

Some preparation might be needed before coating your home such as making sure your walls are algae, lichen and other growths and grease free, and then scaffolding will be erected.

Work will only be stopped or delayed if there are certain weather conditions such as frost or damp/wet conditions.

If your property already has a Fibrocem render, concrete or already painted surfaces then Fibrocem Render Pliolite may be perfect for you as it acts as an excellent adhesion to previous paint. The coating will provide a textured matt finish and there is many colours you can chose from to suit your taste.

If your property is brick work, blockwork, or concrete then Fibrocem High Bond may be perfect for you if you are looking for a plain finish. The render will be applied and left to cure for 2-3 days before over coating with paint or coating of your choice.

Fibrocem Silicone KR is perfect for new builds, residential, flats, etc. It is a silicon based, ready to use, decorative thin coat finish. Fibrocem Silicon KR is highly weather resistance. Fibrocem will match to any colour or specification required to match your taste.

Firocem Pliolite is a based masonry paint which comes in a selection of colours and is suited for most buildings and gives an excellent matt finish to the property.

For a pebble dash look the Fibrocem Dash Receiver Render is the one for you. It can be done on most properties. The silicon adds a high water repellent quality, repelling water from the surface allowing vapour to pass through the render. And also come in a selection of colours to match your home.

So if you’re considering getting your walls coated we highly recommend you do so! And at UK Roofing we guarantee an excellent service.

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