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Every house could use a little repair now and again, and checking for problems with your roof can be very beneficial for the future.

Problems with your roof can cause more problems to your roof and home than you think. Common problems such as weathering, missing tiles, and lack of maintenance, can all seriously damage your roof. UK Roofing will undertake  all aspects of roofing repairs including; renovation, slating, tiling, felt repair and replacement, guttering, lead work, pointing and moss removal, which not only makes your property more attractive, but also prolongs the lifespan of your roof.

If you start to notice broken tiles and debris on the group this could be indicating that there may be a problem. Try not to go up on to your roof yourself, you’re best leaving this to the professionals as you could dislodge the protective surface granules.

If you have missing tiles and slates on your roof, damage may occur to the roof felt, timbers or plaster ceilings. Also having your guttering cleared of moss and leaf build up can help prevent roof damage. If you gutters are blocked up this could cause an overflow which will cause damp to penetrate in to the roof and walls. When cleaning out your gutters look at the downspouts. If you have signs of asphalt granules, then your roof may be failing, and be in need of a repair.

A lack of maintenance means failing to find the problem and fix it early on. It is important to find the problem in its early stages because if it is left to get worse it could cause a more serious problem.

If you are unsure whether you need your roof repairing, at UK Roofing Services we can provide a professional roof survey and one of our experienced staff will carefully survey your roof, checking for missing tiles, weather etc. Our expert will check the roof tiles to see if there are any cracks, missing or loose tiles, and for asphalt or wood-shingle roofs, look for protruding nails. We will advise you accordingly of the work that is required and if there are problems we will then give you a quote and a guarantee for any roofing work we complete.

Our expert team will inspect and clean the guttering, clearing and blockages.


    • Repoint and re-bed ridge tiles, hips and verges
    • Repoint and replace lead valleys
    • Replace cracked and broken roof tiles or slate
    • Replace damaged roofing felt and wooden latts
    • Repair damaged lead work and flashings
    • Repoint chimney stacks
    • Moss removal
    • Ensure roof is watertight

All our work is fully guaranteed and insurance work is undertaken. Once your roof is repaired you can say goodbye to leaks and broken tiles and it will be 100% weatherproof.

Before we leave our team will clean up and remove any debris left, and guarantee a long lasting roof.

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